The Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police share military roots, Cpl. Peter Sandziuk outlined for Colborne Remembrance Day dinner guests at Br. 187 Nov. 11.
As well as the historic, there are also modern-day ties with RCMP serving on peacekeeping missions around the world, like Haiti, Bosnia and Afghanistan.
“We can all pay trobute through service,” Cpl. Sandziuk said. “We can serve our communities through our families and organizations in our communities. Do what is right and just. To do anything less is disrespectful.”
Personally, he has been impressed with the stories of recognized war heroes, such as Charles Rutherford, VC, MC, MM and John Foote, VC, the only minister t have received a Victoria Cross, Rick Hillier, Dr. Don Marcellus, and Governor General Georges Vanier.
“How humble, unassuming they were. They came back from seeing atrocities of war and continued on in the community,” Cpl. Sandziuk said.
“Now, there is whole new generation of combat veterans. We owe it to our young veterans ti support them in every way we can. We can debate our involvement in future conflicts, but today (Remembrance Day) is the day we remember our veterans — ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”