Colborne Legion Br. 187 Legion President Patti May, standing left, was presented the Charles Bugg Award for Legionnaire of the Year award at the annual Honours and Awards ceremonies April 15, 2012 by committee chair Faye Wile, standing right, at the instigation of Judith Howe, seated.Colborne Legion Br. 187 Volunteers of the Year are John Ton, left, and Glen Hess. The award was presented at the annual branch honours and awards reception Apr. 15, 2012.

They slipped one by the president of the Colborne Legion. Patti May was taken by surprise when they announced the annual Legionnaire of the year Charles Bugg award. She was the winner.

Traditionally, the president of Branch 187 of the Royal Canadian Legion nominates the member who has contributed the most to the fundamental objectives of the Royal Canadian Legion. This year, Judith Howe, with honours and awards chair Faye Wile, went behind the scenes to ensure it was President May who was the honoree. It was a surprise, and a resoundingly accurate assessment, as members of Branch 287 of the Royal Canadian Legion applauded the announcement at the annual honours and awards ceremony held at the Colborne Legion Sunday afternoon, April 15.

The award was created in memory of Charles Bugg, charter member of the 1931-founded branch, to recognize outstanding service of a member who had contributed to the branch in the current legion year.

Past honorées are Harry and Merna Rowe, Garnet Summers, Jimmy Mills, Ira Wile, Marilyn and Ray Babcock, the Rev. Vic Parsons, June Haywood, Don Gauthier, Kim Hickson, Joe Nelson, Ruth Kripp, Marj Barlow, George Chandler, Cathy Holdam, Tracy Loveless, John Fox and Paul Coleman.

The Sunday afternoon annual event also announced and honoured the Volunteer of the Year award, this year shared by members John Ton and Glen Hess, tireless volunteers and go-to guys who problem solve and contribute to the Colborne Legion. John Ton assists with monthly dinners, plus advises and problem-shoots on electrical challenges. Glenn Hess is a culinary whiz who also organizes the increasingly popular monthly euchre tournaments the first Sunday of each month.

Long –term service pins were awarded as follows:
Ordinary members: 10 years, Jack Heighton; 15 years, Charlie Hiltz; 30 years, Gil Zwicker; 35 years, Dick Newman.

Associate members: 5 years, Gerry Howe; 10 years, Melissa Charles, Paul Coleman, Nancy Heighton, Barb Smith; 15 years, Tom Everden, Don Gauthier, Dora Grant, Grace Humfryes, Luigi Micieli; 20 years, Margaret Wierzbicki; 30 years, Marye Boyd, Faye Wile; and 35 years, Elaine Lemon.

Affiliate members: 5 years, Mary Brennan, Azher Hussain, Harry Minnie, Barbara Ann Ramer; 15 years, Doug Barrett, Dale Canfield, Marvin Day, Bruce Ellis, Gail, Grosjean, Frank Kober, Bill Lutton, Hugh Moore, John Muir, Terry Pettibone, Lorraine Schutt, Percy Schutt and Neil Smith.